16 Units Searching for a Bail Bondsman and a Wanted Suspect

  • Timmy Lane

Reporter Timmy Lane was on the scene on August 1st around 12:00 PM as police officers were searching for two individuals.

A bail bondsman was making contact with a wanted suspect at a convenient store located at the corner of Lakeshore Drive and Portland Avenue. The Bondsman and the suspect got into a confrontation and this led to wrestling over a gun.

According to Officer Christina Curtis, the bondsman supposedly tased the wanted suspect. After he tased him, the suspect yelled out, “You shot me!” and the call came into the Shreveport Police Department as a shooting. Neither the bail bondsman nor the wanted suspect were found at the scene. The officers are trying to determine if someone was actually shot. One witness on the scene called stating someone was shot, but only a taser has been confirmed at this time.

After a brief investigation:

Corporal Marcus Hines confirmed the officers and detectives viewed surveillance footage from the convenience store which showed the bondsman made eye contact with a man wanted for felony charge. He tried to apprehend him, which started a physical altercation. The two men fell to ground, and the bondsman tried to tase the suspect but he missed, so he chased his around the store. At this point, a gun fell out of the bail bondsman’s pocket and went off on its own. The suspect fled the scene after the gun went off. 

The bail bondsman was located at Oschner Health with complaints of an asthma attack and gave a statement that the wanted suspect pulled out a gun and started intentionally shooting at him, which Shreveport Police have determined is not true. According to posts the bail bondsman put on Facebook, the man who was involved in the incident with him was Lamark Spencer Hicks.

For more information, including live footage of the crime scene, visit the RSHV News 1 Facebook page. 

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Julia LeFort

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