Audit: Inadequate oversight of work program for prisoners

  • MELINDA DESLATTE, Associated Press

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A new audit says Louisiana’s state prisons agency does an inadequate job ensuring that inmates given loosened restrictions and offsite job assignments are eligible.

The legislative auditor’s office review of the Department of Corrections’ “trusty programs,” released Monday, says none of Louisiana’s prisons fully complied with the programs’ requirements.

Auditors found some inmates given trusty status weren’t eligible for it. That includes some prisoners working in state buildings, like the Louisiana Capitol, who had been convicted of violent offenses that should have kept them from the jobs.

In its written audit response, the corrections agency says it has reviewed and updated all prison policies to make sure the facilities are complying with trusty regulations. But it also disagrees with some auditor interpretations of data to determine program compliance.


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