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Biz Pro/Business Spotlight: Bayou State Roofing

  • Ronald Oswalt

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Michael Skinner, co-owner of Bayou Roofing, and discuss just what it is that gives these roofers their unique edge over their competition in the Shreveport area. I found him to be candid and genuine, and can see why it is that customers love this company so much.

What makes Bayou Roofing stand out from the competition?

Not only are we a locally owned and operated company, but we are a veteran owned and operated business as well, as my business partner and I (Matt Varnell) are 5 year Marine vets.  So there’s that, and the fact that our roofing crews are made up of All-American workers, who install every roof as if it were their own.

Photo: Matt Varnell – Co-Owner Bayou State Roofing

Your site mentions your work being backed by an industry leading guarantee- what makes your guarantee stand out from the crowd in Bossier?

Like I said before, we take every job personally, and want to ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied with our work.  We use only the highest quality materials we can find- and we are constantly researching what is offered on the market.  Just last year, Matt and I went on a factory tour of the Atlas Roofing facilities in order to see how their products were made. Our experience there has convinced us that Atlas offers the highest quality shingles on the market.  They back their product with a 10 year manufacturer guarantee, on top of the 50 year shingle and scotch guard guarantee we offer, with several other options we like to present our customers. 

Bayou Roofing has no shortage of glowing customer testimonials on the web, why do you think these former customers were eager to offer their experience?

Well, they’re not former customers, they’re existing customers.  And the main thing we do is to personally check with each customer to ensure customer satisfaction.  I mean, there are a lot of moving pieces involved in the installation of a roof, and the opportunity for a great many things to go wrong.  So we typically have the customer check their roof, or have someone they trust come up and look it over- if they see something they aren’t satisfied with, we fix it, no questions asked. We’re also not some fly by night company- we have a lot of experience and expertise when it comes to installing roof systems. 

Can you tell me about a time when you had a customer who was dissatisfied with your install? And how did that turn out?

Sure.  Well, recently we had a situation where some roofing materials were delivered incorrectly from the manufacturer.  Our crew didn’t catch it at first, and installed roughly 80% of the roof before finally noticing. I drove out, and offered some options to the customer- we could rip up the wrong roofing system, and install the new one that he originally wanted, or we could install the roof he wanted over the top of the incorrect one, providing an additional layer of protection.  They chose to install the correct system over the incorrect one.  Only the story doesn’t end there. Once the installation was complete, there were some overlap issues that the owner found cosmetically unappealing, and wanted to go back to installing just the original order.  We did it, even though we ended up losing money on the deal, because it was the right thing to do.  We fix our mistakes. 

Here’s a tough question- Name the best college football team in the nation.

That’s not a tough one. LSU, hands down.  That Alabama game is always the biggest game of the year, always a nail biter, but Coach O. had that one.

Any parting comments you would like to leave us with before you go?

I just really want everyone to know that this company does not cut corners. We are obsessed with customer service, with making sure that our customers have the highest quality roof possible- that they have a roof that will protect their family and their assets for years to come. 

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