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BizPro Spotlight: One Chiro

  • Ronald Oswalt

As part of our ongoing Biz Pro series, I was recently afforded the pleasure or sitting down for a brief interview with Dr. Eddie O’Neal of One Chiro for an in depth conversation about his business and experience as a Chiropractor.

Tell me about the tag line on your website: “A Gentle Adjustment.”

I was a massage therapist prior to becoming a chiropractor, so I have a variety of techniques in my arsenal that many others in my profession do not, and I generally use more “light force” than others do.

That sounds interesting, could you tell me more about “Light Force?”

Well, I could go on and on, but basically, when I perform the adjustment, you don’t hear the loud POP! that is often associated with chiropractic procedures.

Going over your website in preparation for this interview, I noticed a bit more than standard chiropractic fare. Can you enlighten our readers as to what some of these processes are and what they entail?

Certainly.  So, take Brain Tap for example- this process is not as intimidating as it might sound, it is nothing like a Spinal Tap, for instance. Really, it is a simple, non invasive neuro scientific procedure that our patients use to reduce stress, stop smoking, cope with alcohol and other types of addiction.  Our patients come in, we have them sit in a chair and listen to binaural beats, with a soothing narrator speaking to them through the ear meridians.  It is something of a light, self hypnosis that allows our patients to reach meditative states without years of study, and is a way to retrain the brain.

Is there a certain service that you offer that excites you more than others?

I wouldn’t say that I am excited by any one thing.  I look at physical health as a completed puzzle, and there are a lot of facets, or pieces, to that puzzle.  What we want to offer our patients is a variety of these pieces to complete their personal puzzle, whether that means spinal decompression, cold laser treatments, brain tap, plantar fasciitis solutions, knee pain remedies, or something like detoxing and exercise regimens.

What is a common misconception people have about visiting the chiropractor?

Everyone assumes it is going to hurt.  I want people to know that it doesn’t have to. That’s why I advertise as I do, with “A gentle adjustment.”  People walk through our doors because they are trying to escape pain, the last thing I want to do is cause them more.  And I want people to understand that we are affordable, even without insurance.

Is there anything you would like to say in parting?

Mostly I just want everyone to know that chiropractics is all about the overall picture of health.  We are trying to establish a road map of the body while eliminating all the detours. As people, we spend much of our lives doing things that create havoc on our internal highways- I see what we do and the services we offer as a way to repair that infrastructure.

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Ronald Oswalt

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