How Do Bossier Parish School Board District Employee Salaries Measure Up Against Caddo?

We recently did a study on Caddo Parish School Board salaries and the administration behind those salaries. In the same vein, we have listed below the “District Employees” for Bossier Parish School Board. The names were taken from a list of district staff members on the Bossier Schools website, while their titles and salaries were taken from public records reflecting the salaries of every faculty and staff member for the 2018-2019 school year.

Nichole Bourgeois Assistant Superintendent 124,296.00
Frank Rougeau Director- Finance 115,215.00
Bettye McCauley Director- Special Services 102,176.00
Sherri Pool Director- Personnel 102,176.00
Keith Norwood Supervisor- Planning & Construction 100,215.00
Lillian Holley Supervisor- Special Education 98,584.00
Terrie Johnson Supervisor – Secondary Education 97,366.00
Emma Jordan Supervisor- Elementary Education 97,366.00
Linda Thorn-Lewis Supervisor- Elementary Education 97,366.00
Pam Williamson Supervisor- Evaluations 97,366.00
Debbie Gegg Supervisor- Special Education 94,136.00
Shawne Marsala Supervisor- SPED Accountability and Tech 93,943.00
Horda Semdani Supervisor- Research, Staff Development, & PR Learn 92,184.00
Judy Willcox Supervisor- Child Welfare & Attendance 91,353
David Hadden Supervisor- Transportation 89,871.00
Alvin Maynor Accountant 89,600.00
Kimberly Stafford Supervisor- Special Education 87,298.00
Ross Boyett Supervisor- SPED Accountability/Tech 85,640.00
Stacy Roge Supervisor- Maintenance 85,598.00
Sonja Bailes Public Relations 85,598.00
Karyn Flowers Supervisor- Textbooks & Library 84,165.00
Stewart Thompson Director- Technology 83,353.00
Linda Rocks Computer Programmer 81,407.00
Cathy Mighton Computer Programmer 77,090.00
Kerry Douglas Supervisor- Purchasing 76,841.00
Kay Canal Coordinator- Parish-wide 70,825.00
Cathy Martin Staff Instruction/Trainer (Pro) 70,825.00
Paula Self Coordinator- Parish-wide 70,825.00
Georgette Price Military Services Manager 70,367.00
Scarlett Smith Coordinator- Parish-wide 69,674.00
Aaron Suckle Computer Programmer 68,942.00
Martha Patten Staff Instructor/Trainer (Pro) 68,888.00
Karla Horton Supervisor- Food Service 68,209.00
Kim Morgan Coordinator- Parish-wide 65,927.00
Fran Sprankle Coordinator- Parish-wide 65,350.00
Missy Richard Facilitator Title 1 65,100.00
Joan Turek Coordinator- Special Education 64,224.00
Jacob Hesselschwardt Coordinator- Parish-wide 63,707.00
Wendy Jordan Coordinator- Parish-wide 63,017.00
Henry Mejia Coordinator- Parish-wide 61,601.00
Ginny Nolen Coordinator, Parish-wide 61,601.00
Tracy Choate Technology Staff Development Coordinator 60,965.00
Shannon Gray Accountant 60,529.00
Lisa Neuman Math and Science Coordinator, Grades 3-5 60,218.00
Michael Valentine Coordinator- Parish-wide 59,290.00
Ginger Hughes Coordinator- Nurses 57,914.00
Christy Bucker Facilitator- Reg Education 55,485.00
Connie Miller Technology Staff Development Coordinator 53,911.00
Julie Dupree Supervisor- Elementary Education 51,412.00
Kassie Richardson Graphic Artist 48,710.00
Daphne Ritter Secretary- Central Office 39,768.00
Peggy Bell Secretary- Central Office 38,827.00
Courtney Rothenberger Secretary- Central Office 36,516.00
Johnathon Snow Warehouseman 28,983.00

Due to the scandal involving Superintendent Smith and his subsequent replacement by Assistant Superintendent Downey, the salaries for both the superintendent and second assistant superintendent are missing. The remaining salaries on the list add up to a total of $3,863,094 distributed amongst 54 employees. When compared to the $4,753,394.70 Caddo Parish pays their top 53 employees, the nearly million-dollar discrepancy is striking. When deducting Caddo’s superintendent’s salary from their grand total, Caddo Parish School Board is paying their top 52 staff members over half a million dollars more. 

The total amount of money Bossier Parish School Board paid to all of their teachers, faculty, and staff members for the 2018-2019 school year adds up to $122,981,513.19. According the Louisiana Board of Education, as of October 2018, enrollment for all schools in Bossier Parish reached 22,863 students. This means district wide salary costs per student reach $5,379.06. 

Caddo Parish, which paid $217,366,756.30 to all of their teachers, faculty, and staff during the 2018-2019 school year, was responsible for 38,958 students as of October 2018. This means district wide salary costs per student reach $5,579.52: $200 more than Bossier Parish. 

District Performance Scores shed additional light on the distance between these two school districts. Only 5/31 schools are failing in Bossier Parish: 16.12%.

37/63 schools in Caddo Parish are failing: 58.73%. 

While it is difficult to directly compare two school districts of such varying sizes and demographics, these numbers should be illuminating in some respects. A district paying its top staff much more than another and whose district wide salary costs per student are $200 higher would presumably be maintaining high performance scores across all schools, but this is not the case.

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