Burrow and Delpit Teleconference Notes

  • Tony Thomas

Grant Delpit confirmed his ankle injury has gotten better toward the end of the season. He said he considers himself “to be close to 100%, and it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Joe Burrow mentioned he met Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence at the Manning Passing Academy. Burrow described Lawrence as being “fluid for a player his size, and he is fun to watch.” Joe said “Lawrence is a great competitor, tough guy. I respect players like that.”

Burrow was asked how can a group of college-aged kids stay so focused all year- he said “Some games we weren’t as sharp as we needed to be, but we have a mature group of guys that is focused on doing their job and have put a lot of work in this season. If we come out and lay an egg, we are pretty disappointed in ourselves every week. So, we try to do our jobs every week and execute to the best of our ability.”

Burrow said they are playing their best football right now. The Defense has become one of the best in the country. He said “the offense has room to improve, but they are explosive right now and the O-Line is playing their best ball of the season.”

Burrow was asked what makes this offense so explosive? He said “Great players. We have 5 NFL guys in routes on every snap, and its tough to cover. We have 3 receivers that can beat you at all times, and a tight end and a running back that can beat you in routes as well. We are a tough matchup for a lot of people, and I try to get the ball in their hands, on time and accurately and then let them do the rest.”

Delpit mentioned the improvement of the defense. He said the Ole Miss game “lit a fire under them, and they started playing LSU football from that point on.”

Burrow talked about Justin Jefferson and his ability to judge the ball in the air. Burrow said it was both an ability and an instinct. “The trio of receivers worked hard in the offseason to become the best receiving corps in the country. He said Jefferson felt disrespected not being considered for post season awards, and wanted to come out against Oklahoma to prove to the country that he was one of the best receivers out there, and he did that.”

Burrow is excited to play in the title game in New Orleans. But he said “you have to stay in your routine and don’t stray from it.” Joe said he will stay in his routine and treat it like any other week.

Delpit knew in fall camp that the offense was going to be really good, or the defense was going to be really bad because of all the points they were putting up in scrimmages. But Grant knew the offense was good, and not the defense being bad, in week 1.

Delpit spoke about Trevor Lawrence and the Clemson offense. On Lawrence: really fast, good running ability (for which he receives no credit). On the Clemson offense: Lots of weapons, RB Etienne, tall receivers like Tee Higgins. Grant said “it will be a fun matchup.”

Burrow was asked: “What stands out about, and what defines this offense?” Joe mentioned the following:

  • Getting five yards on every play
  • Making them defend every person
  • Anybody can get the ball on a play
  • Progression reads that everyone can get the ball.
  • We do a good job of finding favorable matchups by moving guys around from the slot to the backfield to the outside.

Delpit said that the team is excited to have LB Michael Divinty back on the team, a vocal leader on the defense.

Burrow mentioned that Clemson does a lot of things on defense-pre snap. So, he has studied a lot of film on Clemson in order to understand what they are trying to do defensively.

And Finally, Burrow was asked what was the difference between Georgia in the SEC Championship Game and Oklahoma in the Peach Bowl. Joe said that Georgia blitzed a lot, while Oklahoma rushed three and dropped eight into coverage.

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