City Council Snapshot on $220 Million Dollar Bond Vote

On July 9th-11th, we spoke with every available Shreveport City Council member to ask how they planned to vote on the $220 million general obligations bond issue that Mayor Perkins is proposing. They were each asked, if you had to vote on this issue today, how would you vote? 

Councilman Boucher:  “Not all the way, no. No, not everything on there. I mean, and like I said, I have seen absolutely nothing, so I have no hard numbers…The administration has got to discuss that.” 

Councilwoman Fuller: “We haven’t gotten that far yet, I haven’t even seen… we just got the packet today of everything that’s covered in that, and I think that we’re gonna have to vet all of those projects before we decide what we’re going to do and what our priorities are gonna be. We got the information at 5:05 (pm). We got the information at 5:05, so I can’t determine anything based on what happened, like I haven’t had a chance to look at any of it. That was like an hour and a half ago while we were actually in public comments.” 

Councilman Nickelson:  [Via email: Thank you for your message. I just received the bond committee’s recommendations yesterday.  I appreciate the hard work of the committee members, but I have not yet decided how I will vote.]  Via phonecall: “I have not yet decided how I’ll vote, as I believe I indicated in the email I sent you. We’ve just received the committee’s recommendations, I do appreciate all the hard work of the committee members, but I need to independently evaluate those proposals before I decide which of those proposals I will support. I’ll also say that I do hope the council and the administration and the voters, if an election is approved will give considerable consideration to public safety needs, including a substantial renovation of our police station, which is in very poor condition.” 

Councilman Flurry:  “No ma’am, I don’t know at this point, I hope that we can get some stuff in there that will help drainage ditches because we got a major problem in my district on drainage. They’re just washing in and caving in and I’ve got streets in my district that haven’t been overlaid in 40 years. And that’s what we call secondary streets and we need to try to get those neighborhood streets overlaid. But to answer your question, no ma’am I haven’t decided because I don’t know exactly where we’re at dollar-wise and what we’re actually going to propose that we are going to fund in the bond issue.” 

Councilman Bowman:  “I’m not sure right now. I need to see if they’re gonna be prioritized first.”  If you had to vote today about this issue what would your vote be?  “No.” 

Councilman Green:  “No, I don’t even have… we haven’t even talked about it, it’s just now coming up, I have no earthly idea. I have no earthly idea right now, but once I get all of the pieces together then I’ll be glad to talk to you about it.”

Councilman Bradford:  Councilman Bradford was emailed about this issue and called multiple times. We never heard back from him and were unable to leave him messages because his voicemail inbox was full.


The City Council will vote on August 13th about whether or not this bond issue should be voted on by the public in an election on November 16th, 2019. 

On Tuesday, July 23rd, and Tuesday, August 13th, the public will be given an opportunity to go to the Shreveport City Council meeting and voice their opinions about this bond to the council members. 

For more information about this general obligations bond, read Elliott Stonecipher’s breaking article here: 



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