John George: John Milkovich Is Most Fiscally Conservative State Senator In Louisiana

George Also States Milkovich Was Legislative Stalwart In Effort To Preserve LSU Hospitals In North Louisiana

  • Ronald Oswalt

Shreveport, LA. – In an Interview with RSHV Digital Media on September 25, Dr. John George, of Shreveport, stated that State Senator John Milkovich is the most fiscally conservative member of the Louisiana Senate.
Dr. George is a Medical Doctor; an award winning entrepreneur; and the CEO of BRF, one of the leading public-private economic development organizations in the South Central United States. Dr. George is credited for being a driving force to preserve University Health, now Ochsner LSU Health System. Dr. George worked for over a year without pay, along with civic-minded volunteer boards, to restructure operations, medical services, and fiscal function at then-University Health, before he help structure a deal with Ochsner and the State of Louisiana to continue the hospitals’ operation.

The comments come in the wake of attack ads leveled against Senator Milkovich by special interests and politicians centered in South Louisiana. Dr. George’s comments were made as a private citizen, and not on behalf of BRF or any other public or private organizations, which are listed for identification purposes only.
Stated Dr. George, “A review of the legislative record demonstrates that Senator John Milkovich was the most fiscally conservative member of the Louisiana Senate in the last 4 years.” Dr. George noted that there was a $1.8B to $2B deficit from the prior administration when Senator Milkovich entered the legislature in 2016. The Senator voted against a proposed 5-year temporary sales tax to bridge the shortfall, but voted for a 2 ½ year temporary sales tax to prevent the potential closure of colleges and safety net hospitals. As a result, we now have a reported $500 million surplus.

Senator Milkovich worked to reduce state spending and cut taxes on Louisiana citizens and businesses. He proposed $40M worth of targeted budget cuts in 2017; $250M of targeted budget cuts in the 2018 Regular Session; and over $320M of specific budget cuts in the 2018 2nd Special Session. These targeted budget cuts included measures to end the outsourcing of the State’s tourism marketing; implement a hiring freeze in the executive branch; impose a one-year moratorium on wage hikes for State employees making over $75,000; cut money from the Department of Education; and ensure that Medicaid drug rebates would be paid to the State, and not the private Medicaid Care Organizations (MCOs).

He was the only member of the Louisiana Senate that voted against the State Budget all three of the last years: 2017, 2018 and 2019, believing the Budget contained unnecessary spending.
Senator Milkovich was the only State Senator to oppose every sales tax proposal in 2018; he voted against a sales tax on the installation of movable items; and he voted against use of the State’s Rainy Day savings account in 2017.

In 2019, Senator Milkovich was the only Senator to oppose a Judicial Pay Raise, in the wake of several years of judicial pay raises. Senator Milkovich does not collect either rental allowance or utilities for his District Office, saving the State over $70,000.

Dr. George states that, in addition to his work in opposing state spending and taxing, Senator Milkovich played a significant legislative role in the fight to preserve LSU hospitals in North Louisiana, later called University Health, now Ochsner LSU Health System. Concluded Dr. George, “It is vital that voters consider the record of our incumbents and candidates, and not make critical voting decisions on the basis of misleading attack ads financed by special interests.”

Dr. George’s comments are made in his personal capacity only, not on behalf of any organizations.

Titles and affiliations listed in this article are provided for identification purposes only.

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