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  • Elliott Stonecipher

Friday, October 6, 2017 … 8:09 A.M.

Amid increasing news of related Shreveport City Hall corruption, a City of Shreveport internal audit details the deterioration of our water and sewer services, and, as KSLA News puts it, the …

“ … high risk of possible fraud, waste, and abuse, when it comes to the department’s water meter reading and billing.”

KSLA’s Stacey Cameron filed the station’s report, a must-read for any Shreveport household which has suffered results – and costs – of City Hall’s inability to deliver this most basic of municipal services. Here is that report:


I note for the record that the audit’s shout about just how prone to corruption the water and sewer department is very, very late. We must wonder which officials are responsible for that delay.

Current Mayor Ollie Tyler often reminds Shreveporters that these issues – and the attached corruption – are the responsibility of ex-Mayor Cedric Glover. In fact, much of the exposure of that corruption traces to Mayor Tyler and her team.

As KSLA notes …

“… Additionally, an automatic meter reading (AMR) system costing the city $7.4 million, designed to improve efficiency and revenue collection, is not being used according to the report.”

That chunk of Shreveport taxpayer money is a key in the federal investigation now underway, details about which I have written over the past few months. Those articles are posted on Will Broyles’ RealShreveport.com.

Meanwhile, back at the scene of the original incompetence and crimes, untold thousands of Shreveport water and sewer users are being abused by high charges and lousy service.

Again, I encourage everyone to read the KSLA news report.

… more soon …

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Elliott Stonecipher

Elliott is a freelance contributor to RealShreveport.com and any other locally interested publications. Importantly, Elliott has several first-hand experiences in almost every aspect of the best and worst in local politics of Louisiana, particularly Northwest Louisiana. For several years and at great personal risk, Elliott has worked as a watchdog in local politics by writing and exposing numerous subjects that every other media outlet has refused to touch.

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