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  • Elliott Stonecipher

ELECTION NIGHT: Tuesday, November 6, 2018 … 10:55 P.M.

In the best spirit of Shreveport political “arranging,” Democrat Adrian Perkins led the mayoral voting today, followed by incumbent Democrat Mayor Ollie Tyler.

Complete but unofficial vote totals by the Louisiana Secretary of State show Perkins with 29% and Tyler 24%.

As I detailed in an article here three days ago, key local Republican leaders openly (many say deliberately) split their party’s vote: third-place finisher was Republican Jim Taliaferro with 20% and in fourth-place was Republican Lee O. Savage with 14%.

Democrat Steven Jackson, the Caddo Commissioner and point-man in the political campaign to remove the Confederate monument from the Courthouse grounds in downtown Shreveport, ran fifth with 11% of the vote.

The vote for remaining candidates Anna Marie Arpino, Tremecius Dixon and Jeron Rogers totaled 2%.

The combined Republican Taliaferro / Savage vote of 34% may well have lead the primary with a lone Republican the party leadership could agree upon. The result, according to my sources, was the recruitment of a second party candidate.

The ultimate beneficiary was to be, and has become, Adrian Perkins, according to these sources.

One or more notable Republicans are now expected to more openly join the Perkins campaign, including snagging major positions in his intended City Hall administration.

Given that Tyler lagged behind upstart Perkins in fundraising through October 17th, her withdrawal would be no surprise.

Regardless anything else, the hold of the political left on Shreveport has certainly deepened and hardened.

Unofficial voter turnout was 48.2%.

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Elliott Stonecipher

Elliott is a freelance contributor to RealShreveport.com and any other locally interested publications. Importantly, Elliott has several first-hand experiences in almost every aspect of the best and worst in local politics of Louisiana, particularly Northwest Louisiana. For several years and at great personal risk, Elliott has worked as a watchdog in local politics by writing and exposing numerous subjects that every other media outlet has refused to touch.

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