Local Relationship Marketing Group (RMG) Connects Shreveport Businesses

Local group RMG is helping connect businesses and business professionals in Shreveport through weekly lunches and a focus on growing business. President Brian Addy explains the mission of RMG and the good it is spreading throughout the community and local business network in the following:

Relationship Marketing Group (RMG) is a unique business to business group in the Shreveport-Bossier City area. RMG was developed to provide a casual, positive & professional referrals program that enables members to develop meaningful, long term relationships with other quality business professionals. As Richard Branson once said, ‘Succeeding in business is all about making connections.’ While our group focuses on exchanging referrals and growing our businesses, it’s not just the transaction we focus on. We all know it is much easier to grow your business when you have loyal, satisfied clients who say great things about you. The long-term key is taking care of them like you would your family.

RMG has grown from 4 members to 30 members in just under three years. We are set up as a 501c (3) Non-Profit and have routinely been able to make contributions throughout the community. Last year we were able to make considerable donations to the Gingerbread House, Christ-Fit Gym and St. Jude’s. Our members realize that we are truly like a big family in the sense that we dine together every week, share stories about our lives and focus on taking care of our clients. When you put others first, the rest will fall into place. It’s our own version of The Golden Rule.

While we do have fun, there are some guidelines by which our group follows. Since we are growing our businesses, we only allow one industry per seat in the group. We also expect you to attend lunches on a routine basis. We believe that time spent with others is a great way to get to know them and begin to trust them with referrals.

I hear stories all the time from first time guests that our meetings aren’t like any other they’ve ever attended. We try to take a casual, but professional approach to networking. For our members it’s amazing to have 30 other people during the week helping you grow your business. For our clients it’s amazing to have a group of professionals that represent different industries that you can trust.

If you are a professional or business owner and want to grow your business come have lunch with us at noon on Tuesdays @ Ernest’s Orleans Restaurant. You can also check out our RMG Facebook page for a list of current members and chapter updates.


[Photos by Ronald Oswalt]

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