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Looking For A Good Chiropractor?

  • Ronald Oswalt

Looking For A Good Chiropractor Near Me? Here’s 5 reasons you should choose OneChiro
Here’s 5 reasons you should choose OneChiro.

Chiropractor? Adjustment? The first time I heard those two words, I had an a very unpleasant mental picture. You know, where Van Damme “adjusts” someone’s neck with his famous death grip? Yikes! Ouch! No! Thank goodness that’s not what “adjustment” means when it comes to seeing a chiropractor especially when you visit Dr. Eddie O’neal.

Over seven years ago I got into a terrible car accident. Do I need to say more? You know those car accident stories. The ones that leave your back and neck damaged and never the same. My sister in law at the time worked for Dr. Eddie at OneChiro (Shreveport Chiropractor Near Me). Wow! That was a life changing experience. And no I’m not exaggerating. So back to the story of my car accident. I walked away from that accident feeling fine and thinking I did not need to go to the hospital. I was okay. My sister in law encouraged me to just get checked out to make sure and boy am I glad I did. I’m sure I can go on and on about the whiplash damage and the effects it had on my spine but I won’t bore you with all that. What I will talk about in the remainder of this blog is why I choose to stay with Dr. Oneal these years and how he has helped me in other areas of my health. I want to focus on the five reasons you should choose OneChiro as your chiropractor in the Shreveport Bossier area or a chiropractor near me.

The Rolling Table – You may have gone to a chiropractic clinic and they immediately put you on a table and adjust you (I call it a dry adjustment). I just didn’t feel like that was right. I was waiting for a hot towel or something to loosen my muscles up before my adjustment. Well, Dr. Eddie starts every patient off on a rolling table (aka intersegmental traction table) that looks like the one pictured below. So what does it do? Gently rolls up and down to help restore motion to the segments of the spine and massages muscles.

Massage – Yup I said it…a massage. A handheld massage that Dr. Eddie uses on his patients. I like to call it “the lawnmower.” That handheld massage is powerful. Dr. Eddie uses this device to help relax and loosen your muscles before your adjustment. This device also helps break up adhesions and helps to restore function to your body.

Adjustment – Then the fun begins. Dr. Eddie does the adjustments he sees and feels your body needs. I’d like to add a few things: You can get rid of headaches with a good adjustment. You open up sinus passages that then help you get over being congested. You also can get a better night sleep with a good adjustment. There are so many reasons and benefits to getting an adjustment (you should visit our FB page and website for continual updates).

Free Water – Dr. Eddie asks at the end of every adjustment if you would like some water. Honestly it’s his polite way of saying, “drink the water, your body needs it.” According to, “Water is good for the body, and after an adjustment, water is especially good for the body. Drinking lots of water after your adjustment will help nourish the discs between the vertebrae, keeping your spine supple and flexible. As a good rule of thumb, you should drink half your bodyweight in ounces.” So when Dr. Eddie asks if you would like some water, say yes.

You’ll see links to his Facebook page and his website,


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