Mayor Perkins Spent $15,674.39 in Taxpayer Travel Costs in First Four Months of Term

According to public records stating all of Mayor Perkin’s travel expenses in the first four months of his term, $15,674.39 of taxpayer money were spent for the Mayor to travel to conferences and summits across the United States.

The average household income in Shreveport is $23,934 per year. If Perkins continues to spend an average of $3918 per month in travel expenses, he will have spent $47,023 after a year in office, which is nearly double his city’s annual average income. 

In January of 2019, Mayor Perkins spent nearly $4000 traveling to Washington DC for a conference designed to “strengthen federal city relationships for grants and federal funds.” Later in the same month, (three days after his initial trip,) Perkins spent almost $4000 more to go back to DC for “legislation and economic development.”

In March, Perkins went to Austin, Texas for a Mayor’s Summit in order to be exposed to “new ideas and technology” in a trip that cost almost $3500. 

Throughout the month of April, Perkins travelled to Baton Rouge, Houston, and New York in trips ranging from around $350 to $2100 in order to be involved in state lawmaking sessions, focus on “building relationships to improve quality of life for (his) constituents,” and be provided with a “clear path forward for major initiatives.” 

All of this information can be reviewed in the links below:

2019-01-23 Travel

2019-01-30 Travel

2019-03-06 Travel

2019-04-14 Travel

2019-04-23 Travel

2019-04-29 Travel

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