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No bueno: Taco Bueno discontinues taquitos

  • Joel Rodgers

In March, Taco Bueno opened its doors in Shreveport. The tex-mex fast food chain was very popular on social media and residents in Shreveport couldn’t wait to dine with friends at the newly opened restaurant.

It’s located at 440 E Bert Kouns Industrial Loop.  A location which happens to be just minutes from my house. Having loved tex-mex food for my entire life, I had to try it.

The first thing catching my eye were the taquitos listed on menu.

Look, they’re even shown on the Shreveport Taco Bueno Facebook page.

After waiting a few minutes in the drive-thru, it’s finally my turn.

“Welcome to Taco Bueno may I take your order?”

-Yes, I’d like three taquitos, please.

“I’m sorry, we’re all out of taquitos.”

Being out of taquitos seemed normal to me, I mean- I just figured everyone loves taquitos as much as I do, so I’ll just get them next time.

—Fast forward two weeks–

“Welcome to Taco Bueno may I take your order?”

-Yes, I’d like three taquitos, please.

“I’m sorry, we’re all out of taquitos.”

-Aww! you guys were out last time too, no worries. I’ll order something else.


I told myself that day that the lunch crowd must be killing the taquitos and I’ll have to just try again, soon.

So I did, on April 23 I pulled up to the tex-mex fast food joint again….

“Welcome to Taco Bueno may I take your order?”

-Yes, I’d like three taquitos, please.

“I’m sorry, we’re all out of taquitos.”

-Excuse me, but this is the third time you guy have been out of taquitos. Is something up?

“No sir, I’m sorry, we’re just out.”

-Have you ever seen a taquito inside this Taco Bueno?

“No sir I haven’t.”

-Have you been working here since Taco Bueno opened?




While driving home from  Taco Bueno NOT eating a taquito I began to think even more about. So I called Taco Bueno and a gentleman in Oklahoma City answered the call.

“Hello, thanks for calling Taco Bueno!”

-Hi, I’m calling about taquitos. We’ve had Taco Bueno in Shreveport for 6 weeks and I’ve yet to see a taquito. Every time we go they say they’re out.

“That’s because we discontinued them in January, sir.

-But the menu outside the Taco Bueno in Shreveport has them and they’re even pictured on the Facebook page

“Sorry sir, we don’t sell taquitos anymore.”

-OK thanks.


So here we are; with a brand new Taco Bueno, a brand new Taco Bueno drive-thru menu that clearly says taquitos, and Taco Bueno discontinued them before the store even opened.

Enjoy your Taco Tuesday, Shreveport.




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Joel Rodgers

Joel Rodgers joined RSHV News 1 in January 2018 as a reporter/journalist. Prior to joining our team, Joel spent the previous 5 years as a morning show reporter, entertainment reporter, and sports reporter for a local television station. At 6’5”, he's the tallest reporter in the history of Shreveport, but it’s more than just his height that makes this Shreveport native stand out. His editing skills combined with his love for storytelling makes for a creative and talented addition to the RSHV News 1 team. After attending and graduating from Evangel Christian Academy, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from Northwestern State University. Joel is very active in the Shreveport community having won several competitions in recent years. In 2017, he danced his way to victory in the annual Susan G. Komen event, “Dancing for the Cure." He’s also won the “Mudbug Madness” Crawfish eating contest in back-to-back years and was named the top celebrity chef at the “Louisiana Food Prize” cooking competition. If you have a story idea, news tip, or just want to say "hey" - you can do so by emailing Joel Rodgers at jrodgers@realshreveport.com

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