Partnership with CLC Leads to Record Revenues for NSU Athletics

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NATCHITOCHES – Northwestern State’s licensing agreement with CLC has delivered record-breaking revenues to the athletic department in each of the first two quarters of 2019.

Official Northwestern State logos are trademarked, and as such, persons/vendors wishing to sell branded NSU items must be licensed through licensing and brand management partner CLC (formerly Learfield). Licenses start at $250, and a percentage of every NSU item sold is returned to the university. The partnership also allows NSU representatives to review and approve all designs that bear its name and/or likeness.

“A business associate from a large corporation recently referenced the value of ‘riding your brand’ and the ever-growing licensing program for NSU Athletics does just that on a daily basis,” said Northwestern State Director of Athletics Greg Burke.

“We are grateful for the vendors who are official licensees of Demon athletics and do such a wonderful job of promoting the NSU brand on many levels. With that said, we are just touching the tip of the iceberg as it relates to the potential for expanding NSU’s licensing platform and, in turn, generating additional revenue that will better position our athletic program for success.”

The Northwestern State Athletic Department constantly is looking for new vendors willing to invest in its brand, as well as working with current vendors to offer a wider variety of NSU branded items to consumers.

“It’s important for friends and fans of Northwestern State to know and understand how NSU manages its brand and how vital licensing revenues are to the athletic program’s operation,” said Associate Athletic Director for External Relations Dr. Haley Taitano. “It’s encouraging to see licensing revenues higher than ever before thanks to NSU’s amazing fans and licensing partners! The potential for growth, both by way of expanding the NSU brand and reach, and enhancing revenue streams, is exponential.”

After forging new partnerships with alumni-owned businesses Cane River Brewing Company of Natchitoches and Cayenne Marketing of Shreveport (a vendor for the NSU alumni-owned business Simply Chic Boutique), the athletic department expects revenues to continue to rise.

“Every time NSU fans purchase NSU branded items from a licensed vendor, it benefits the university,” said Taitano, who oversees NSU’s athletic branding efforts. “Fans who have concerns regarding the availability or selection of items in their areas, particularly in the Northwest Louisiana region, are encouraged to ask store managers/owners why they don’t carry NSU items. It’s simply the supply and demand rule. Our fans can help by continuing to ask for more NSU items in neighboring stores.”

Persons or businesses who are interested in learning more about becoming a licensed vendor may contact Taitano at or 318-357-4278.

Photo: A group of NSU branded shirts available from Simply Chic Boutique, one of NSU’s newest licensees. Credit: Cayenne Marketing

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