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Twenty-five people were jailed following a two day joint undercover operation targeting prostitution and human trafficking. The operation included personnel from multiple law enforcement agencies to include: the Shreveport Police Department’s Vice Unit, the F.B.I. Human Trafficking Task Force and members of the Alcohol Tobacco Commission.

During the two day operation Agents arrested 25 subjects for varying offenses to include solicitation of prostitution, narcotics violations as well as weapon offenses. Agents seized 1 handgun, .50 grams Methamphetamine, 35.45 grams of Marijuana, and 3 dosage units of Xanax.

The following persons were jailed in connection with the operation and were each booked into the Shreveport City Jail.

July 18

Rusty Thomason w/m 03-06-80 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
Malcolm Weston w/m 10-20-65 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
David Huerta h/m 09-14-96 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
Russell Jones b/m 09-11-71 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
Gerald Nyaayo b/m 08-10-87 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
John Lewis b/m 02-17-69 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
Justin Epps b/m 08-03-80 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
Domnique Nash b/m 02-27-91 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
Timothy Howard b/m 01-31-89 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
Bobby Green Jr. b/m 03-04-99 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
Anshuman Jyoti h/m 02-15-72 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
Jeremy Reed w/m 06-22-84 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83/ Possession of Sch 1 40:966c
Robert Moore w/m 04-03-70 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83/ Possession of Sch 1 40:966c / Possession of Sch 2 40:967c (meth)

July 19

Charles Lewis b/m 09-05-84 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
Michael Scott b/m 08-13-83 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83/ Felon possession of a firearm
Mark Carter w/m 05-30-91 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83 /Possession of Sch I Marijuana
Bruce Brewer w/m 09-18-92 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
Esteban Guevara-Barrea h/m 09-10-97 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
Stephen Dy a/m 06-20-78 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
Marcus Yearling b/m 02-07-84 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83/Possession of Sch I Marijuana
Yusef Ghazawnen w/m 02-21-93 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
Manuel Maldonado i/m 12-16-98 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83/
Michael Lantz l w/m 10-14-70 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
Jason Namie w/m 08-12-70 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83
Timothy Francis w/m 06-21-94 Soliciting Prostitution 14:83/ Possession of Sch 2 40:967c (meth)/Possession of Sch 2 40:967c (xanax)

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