Rays’ Tyler Glasnow Interviewed at ALDS Workout Day

  • Staff Reporter

Q. Tyler, the whole time when you were kind of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, your rehab, you kept saying you want to get through it, get back. You want to be ready for playoffs. You said that probably five or six different times. Now that it’s here and it’s tomorrow, what are your thoughts at this point?

TYLER GLASNOW: It’s awesome. I think recovering and feeling good after the one setback I had, that really was the only goal. Now that I’m here and it’s real, it feels amazing.

Q. Tyler, how did all the information the Rays have that you can access, how did it help you get better this season?

TYLER GLASNOW: I think it just helped me utilize my stuff. I think just seeing — I guess, like, carry with fourseams and some of the advanced spin stuff, just kind of how I can formulate the way I pitch to kind of work in my advantage a little bit. I think it was more so not trying to be nitpicky, but kind of throw more aggressively to bigger zones. It’s helped me a lot so far.

Q. Tyler, considering your off-season and just the journey you’ve had this season with the injury, what’s it mean to see the starting pitcher line tomorrow and see you versus Verlander in game 1 of the ALDS?

TYLER GLASNOW: It’s awesome. It hasn’t fully sunk in. This is everything you dream about. You’re a little kid, you think about playing playoff baseball. Now that it’s here, it’s pretty amazing. It’s awesome, too, to come out with all the guys on the team. They’re all excited too. Hoping to come out, play well, and have a good time.

Q. Tyler, we heard Cash and Tommy talk about shocking some people. Is that kind of a message that you guys are riding around in the playoffs?

TYLER GLASNOW: I don’t know. I think if that helps you play well, that’s good. A lot of it is we’ve played so many games this season and we know what we’re capable of now. I think it’s honestly just maybe not proving other people wrong, but really kind of just proving to ourselves how good we are. So it’s kind of the mentality I’m taking and I think a lot of other guys are too.

Q. Tyler, from their lineup standpoint, we know how good they are. To you, what makes them good and tough and what’s the greatest challenge in facing the Astros?

TYLER GLASNOW: They’re a really good lineup, really good offensive team. Guys who hit really well. Going forward, it’s going to be the case for every team. If you stick with what you’ve been doing all season, I’m going to stick with my routine, stick with my game plan. And I do think that there’s no need to change anything really. Just kind of stick with all the stuff I’ve been doing all season.

Q. As a young pitcher, what are your thoughts on Cole and Verlander, what they’ve done, and them as a combination?

TYLER GLASNOW: They’re great, man. Obviously, I played with Cole in Pittsburgh. He’s a great dude. Really takes his craft seriously. Like I said, it’s just awesome to be able to even face guys like that. It’s a pretty amazing experience. We got a really good clubhouse. We’ve got really good players in our clubhouse. But yeah. I don’t know. It’s cool, man. I don’t even know what to say. It’s awesome.

Q. I meant also, is it impressive to you, the kind of season they’ve put together at the same time?

TYLER GLASNOW: Yeah. I mean, everyone knows how capable they are of putting a good season together. Gerrit has always had it. Verlander has always had it. It’s definitely not a shock. They’re a really good team.

Q. You were kind of on call last night. The bullpen and the dugout are near each other in Oakland. What was on your mind as the game was unfolding, grabbing the early lead, your emotions, how it turned out?

TYLER GLASNOW: I think once we got a significant lead, I think my chances of pitching were a little lower. The whole time, I tried to stay prepared. I was ready to come out of the bullpen if I needed to. I know how the postseason is, it’s all hands on deck. So it was good practice, good experience to go out and see how the bullpen feels. So yeah, I mean, honestly, I could pitch in any role, I’m sure, throughout the postseason. So it’s good to be ready.


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