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School security “volunteer” sentenced in the Goree/Caddo Schools molestation coverups.

  • Will Broyles
  • Caddo Superintendent Lamar Goree

This time last year, Caddo Superintendent Lamar Goree was busy attempting to cover up yet another molestation scandal within his administration’s watch as Cleodis Bell Sr. was charged with molesting a mentally disabled female student from his classroom and beyond.  Bell was the third known arrest of a Caddo classroom staffer in three short years since Goree got the job as Caddo Superintendent. (see links here and here).

Goree’s coverup attempts include his literal running away from having to answer questions (here).  His administration deliberately delays or ignores public records requests and refused to inform parents of the dangers their children may have been exposed to at the hands of his predatory staffers that had been arrested.

The first arrest in question was of a Mario Willis for the molestation of a 14 year old boy he met within the classrooms of Caddo Parish Schools.  Goree claimed in news reports that the man was purely a volunteer, and not a staffer.  Two teachers from the school directly confirmed to me that they believed Willis was a staffer and they knew the man to work daily in the school with them during the time of the molestations.  Records of Willis being on the payroll were never found after many intentionally delayed records requests (not one request was answered within the three day time outlined by state law).  Incredibly, according to one of Goree’s spokespersons, Willis worked in providing security for the school as part of his “volunteer” services (here).

This week, reports surfaced that Willis was sentenced to 20 years of hard labor without parole for his guilty plea of molesting the young boy (here).  Conversely, Goree continues to receive contract extensions and early bonuses from the Caddo Parish School Board.  To date, I am not aware of a single school board member who has ever taken issue with Goree or his administration in a public meeting about these molestation.  The popular hiding tool claimed by staffers and school board members alike is t0 proclaim that the public has no right to know about the matter as it is a “personnel issue”.

Goree continues to frequently coverup, deny and block records requests for every potential black eye on the school system and every bad political move (taxes, school closures, etc) he and his handlers try to force upon taxpayers.  Now that Mario Willis has pleaded guilty and been sentenced, taxpayers and parents are left to wonder what it will take for Goree to finally quit covering up these incidents and come clean with the public about the safety risks Caddo children are exposed to.

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