• Elliott Stonecipher
  • Elliott Stonecipher

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 … 11:31 P.M. …..

In a 4-1 vote late today, the City Council rejected what may have become an effective bail-out of Shreveport residential developer – and Bossier City Councilman – Tim Larkin.

I detailed Larkin’s attempt in this February 5th article:


Two Council members – Willie Bradford, District “A,” and Jerry Bowman, District “G” – abstained from today’s vote based on their employment by Willis-Knighton Health System (WKHS).

City Attorney William Bradford had earlier requested a ruling from the Louisiana Ethics Administration on that matter. Regardless that no ruling had yet been issued, the two Councilmen chose to abstain from the vote.

Larkin’s request had earlier been rejected by the Metropolitan Planning Commission. Today’s vote upheld, rather than overruled, that MPC decision.

Although Larkin ally Councilman Michael Corbin, District “D,” had initially worked for a Council reversal of the MPC, he did the opposite today, offering the motion to uphold that decision.

Voting with Corbin on his motion were Council Chairman James Flurry, District “E,” Councilman Oliver Jenkins, District “C,” and Councilman Jeff Everson, District “B.”

District “F” Councilwoman Stephanie Lynch was the lone vote for the effective Larkin bail-out.

Representing WKHS, Shreveport attorneys Bill and Whitney Pesnell had earlier presented legal research underscoring both the illegality of the Larkin attempt and the right of Councilmen Bradford and Bowman to vote on the matter.

Also arguing against Larkin’s attempt before the Council were legal and executive representatives of The Glen Retirement System. The Glen’s facility on Flournoy-Lucas Road adjoins Larkin’s development, called Esplanade.

Since 2011, I have been an active proponent – totally at my own expense – of the completion of the 3132 Extension to the Port.

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Elliott Stonecipher

Elliott is a freelance contributor to RealShreveport.com and any other locally interested publications. Importantly, Elliott has several first-hand experiences in almost every aspect of the best and worst in local politics of Louisiana, particularly Northwest Louisiana. For several years and at great personal risk, Elliott has worked as a watchdog in local politics by writing and exposing numerous subjects that every other media outlet has refused to touch.

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