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WaveLink Booking, LLC Is Ready To Serve SBC Music Scene

  • Ronald Oswalt

Have you ever thrown a party and wanted to have live music but didn’t know where or how to find it? Or maybe you found a band, booked them, and they weren’t quite what you were expecting? What if I told you there was a company (that’s run by actual musicians) you
could contact that has a roster of vetted music entertainment acts and will connect you with the best act for your event?

We are excited to inform you that this is no longer a hypothetical; it’s reality. The name of the company: WaveLink Booking LLC. As active musicians in the community, Haley Brooke and Shawn Stroope saw the need for a company like this. Since there wasn’t one, they decided to start it themselves. With a business that can help local restaurants get high quality music acts that best fit their need, our local music scene can become vibrant and strong.

We all know Shreveport/Bossier isn’t lacking in talent; we are competitive with many larger cities when it comes to music. What IS missing, though, is the link between those needing live music entertainment and the music acts. And who knows which music entertainment act a restaurant or event venue needs better than actual musicians that are not only local but reputable?

“We aren’t acting as a talent/booking agency that actively books for specific musicians; instead, our clients are restaurants, event venues/planners, businesses, individuals or really anybody needing live music entertainment for a party or event,” said Brooke.

There is no directory for music entertainment acts in the area, and if there were, there would be no way to know what you’re getting. When someone uses our booking service, they can trust that the music entertainment act we book for their event is talented, dependable, professional, event appropriate and if needed, will help promote.” Brooke goes on to say, “Our booking process is simple: A person needing live music entertainment for an event contacts us via email, phone, Facebook, or our website.

We get the details concerning the booking need (the event, genre/style desired, budget, ect.), and we make a list of the music acts on our roster who fit that criteria. Based on the preferences of the client and availability of those acts, we book an act for the event.

So, for a small fee, the stress of finding and booking a music entertainment act is off of our client, and they can be confident that the act is high quality and a great fit for the event.”

WaveLink Booking also intends to make live music performances easily accessible all from one place, their website. “This has been attempted several times, and there are some publications and social media outlets who do post a few dates, but there is no all encompassing
place for someone to go to in order to find where and when live music is happening,” Stroope said. “And it’s not for lack of want to; it’s just something that takes a ton of work, but we’re willing to do it. It’s desperately needed and wanted in the SBC area, and it’ll help everybody: the restaurants/public event venues, the musicians, and the local live music consumer.”

Music is something many of us enjoy, but we forget how important it is for growing tourism and getting people out of their homes and into the community, which helps our local economy. “We’re going to do what we can to improve our local music scene, from getting
our restaurants and event venues the right music acts for the setting or event to making available most of the live music performance dates in our area. The amount of places that have live music regularly, at least once a week, in Shreveport/Bossier was surprising
to us (30+); we had to dig to find several of them. No more of that. We want everyone to be able to know everything going on in our area pertaining to live music.” Brooke emphasizes.

After visiting with Haley and Shawn, I must say their passion and drive have me excited about our future. This is how we make Shreveport better: seeing a need, and, if we are able to, filling that need. Not complaining about what we don’t like, but instead, coming up with solutions.

When you need to book live music entertainment for your restaurant or event, you can’t go wrong by engaging WaveLink Booking’s service. They can be easily contacted by email
info@wavelinkbooking.com, phone 318-618-1318, or Facebook WaveLink Booking LLC.

Currently their website is under construction, but once it is operational, there will be a booking submission page which one can utilize as well. Also, go like and follow their Facebook page, which will list several live music performance dates as well.

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